Jute Diversification Promotion Centre (JDPC), Bangladesh

JDPC, Bangladesh, a promotional organisation was set up in 2002 as a project by the Ministry of Jute, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with the financial support from the Delegation of European Commission (EC) in Bangladesh. 

The Centre’s main objectives are improving the jute scenario, sustained development of jute economy, reviving the past glory of jute through extension of uses of jute and jute products in Bangladesh by adoption of the newly developed, improved technologies and processes for production of diversified jute products and alternative uses of jute.  

Responsibility of JDPC as Collaborating Institution 

JDPC will work as the Lead /Nodal Agency for the Bangladesh Part of this project. 

Under the project the principal role of JDPC would be to co-ordinate and liaise with all the participating institutions/organizations/manufacturing partners, government departments/ agencies of Bangladesh involved in the project. A suitable co-ordination mechanism of JDPC will ensure all the parties of the project to carry out and complete assigned responsibilities in time as per work schedules. JDPC is expected to be in constant collaboration and communication with the PEA and the project Supervisory Body (SB), IJSG for successful implementation of the project. 

JDPC will act as a main link between the PEA/ IJSG and the other project participants/ facilitators of Bangladesh.