Comparison between JGT & SGT in respect of properties (for woven type) 

JGT has a higher C factor than SGT
                  0.005 in a slope of 1:1.5
                  0.004 in a slope of 1:3
Narrow strip tensile strength –
               For JGT – 30 kN/m (warp) x 20 kN/m (weft) usually 
               For SGT – can be customized to any strength
Strain at failure for JGT – 7% to 9%    (SGT–usually 23%)                                    
Elongation at break for JGT – 11 % to 13 %
JGT has a high initial tangent modulus   (comparable to SGT)
JGT has sufficient breaking strength--33 kN/m
               (warp) and 28 kN/m (weft) usually
JGT offers a greater interfacial friction than SGT
JGT has greater transmissivity than SGT
Permittivity of JGT is comparable to that of SGT