Source, Sample and Specification


Jute Geotextile (JGT) is an emerging engineering product with application-potential in many areas of Civil Engineering faced with soil related problems. The product has already been successfully tried in protection of banks of rivers and canals, management of slopes, strengthening of roads, controlling of subsidence of railway tracks, stabilising embankments & overburden dumps in mines. Continuing research on JGT is opening up potential of the product in new areas like fly ash stabilisation. 

The biggest advantage of JGT is its easy availability, economic price-range (much lower than the synthetic and other natural varieties) and eco-compatibility. Besides, JGTcan be tailor-made as per end-users’ technical requirements like porometry, permittivity, strength and other parameters. 

This literature provides the interested end-users, engineers and consultants with technical specifications of standard JGT. This will enable the users to select the right type of JGT for a particular job or to decide on a non-standard type of JGT if warranted.

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