Standards/Normative References 

·         Bureau of Indian Standards—

      Jute Geotextiles : Strengthening of sub-grade in Roads - Specification (IS:14715:Part I:2016)

      Jute Geotextiles : Control of Bank Erosion in Rivers and Waterways - Specification (IS:14715:Part 2:2016)

      Guidelines for application of Jute Geo-textiles for rain water erosion control in road & railway embankments and hill slopes (IS:14986:2001)

      Strengthening of sub-grade in roads (IS:14715:Part I:2013)

      Control of bank erosion in rivers & waterways (IS:14715:Part I:2013)

·         RDSO, Ministry of Railways –

      Guidelines for application of jute geotextiles in railway embankments & hill slopes  (No RDSO/2007/GE:G-008—February 2007)

·         Indian Roads Congress—

-       State-of-the Art Report on JGT prepared jointly by CRRI & NJB has been published by Indian Roads Congress in 2011 (Special Report 21 of IRC)

Related Books on Jute Geotextile (published by JMDC)

  1.  Manual on Application of JGT in Civil Engineering

  2. Performance Evaluation of Jute Geotextile


BIS Specification


  1. BIS 14986.2001

  2. BIS-River'13, IS 14715 Part II

  3. BIS-Road '13, IS 14715 Part I

  4. BIS-Sapling Bag'13, IS 16089

  5. Guidelines of Application of JGT in Railway Embankments