• The Government of India

  • The Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh

The Governments of India and Bangladesh will be associated actively for this project for the overall policy support. The departments of the governments of both the countries of India and Bangladesh, concerned with road construction, construction of embankment, soil conservation, etc. will contribute to the project in kind bearing the cost of all civil works associated with activities of soil erosion control and construction of rural road pavement. 

Organisations such as the Soil Resources Development Institute (SRDI), Department of Road & Highways (R&H), Water Development Board, Public Works Department of Bangladesh; the Central Soil and Water Conservation Research and Training Institute (CSWCRTI) at Dehra Dun, India and the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), India may be consulted by the PEA, National Jute Board (NJB) (erstwhile Jute Manufactures Development Council (JMDC) if necessary, in undertaking the Technical Product Evaluation component (Component II, vide Section 7)  of the programme. This will be done by a) locating suitable field test sites to reflect a range of agro-climatic conditions, b) installing test equipment and monitoring devices, and c) collecting and collating all relevant data. 

Responsibilities of GoI & GoB : 

  • To identify sites for rural road construction as well as erosion control in river banks and hill slopes required for technical evaluation of JGT under various climatic and geotechnical conditions

  • To bear the costs of constructions of such projects excepting the cost of JGT

  • To include JGT in consultation with BESUS in India & BUET in Bangladesh in the identified projects for technical evaluation of JGT.

  • To assist the said institutes in India & Bangladesh by providing pre-work information on the site conditions related to the two specific applications and collecting post-work technical information

  • To make provisions of the costs for technical evaluation of JGT under various environmental conditions in the relevant estimates.